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Registration form  for patient services repeat ordering word doc             Or PDF here

Dear Patient

Hope you are all keeping well during these difficult times while we manage this pandemic.   If you have been ill or have lost a loved one during this pandemic our thoughts are very much with you.  While our practice has been open during this virus and will continue to be open – we have had to adapt our way of seeing patients – so for the foreseeable future all of your contact with the doctor and nursing staff will be over the telephone in the first instance.  It would be helpful if you could give the admin team as much information as possible, also to make sure we have your up to date contact details and also your next of kin contact details.


The doctor or nurse will then call you back in the first instance and either deal with your query on the phone, or decide if it would be better to see you and bring you down to the surgery.   This ‘new normal’ is trying to keep everyone safe during these difficult times.  More information can be found on our website here



Practice leaflet can be downloaded here

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Covid-19 Vaccination at GP  Practices


Any patient aged 65 and over who thinks they have missed their COVID vaccine  please complete follow link below

You should use the form to provide contact details and an explanation of why you think you should have received an invitation.


This will help NHS Scotland to confirm your eligibility and get back to you with a letter or information on how to arrange your vaccination         appointment.


Before you complete this form, check that you:


fit into one of the priority groups currently being invited for vaccination (groups 1 – 5)








Who qualifies as an unpaid carer?

Please follow the link to find out if you qualify as an unpaid carer and how to register online for a COVID vaccine if you have not yet received an invitation letter


Covid vaccine advice line 0800 030 8013  or online  here

Due to changes in the law, we are required to collect consent for contact by text/email and sharing of information with emergency services and hospitals.

Consent for contact by email or SMS can be completed here


Please collect prescriptions from one of our local pharmacies, just let us know which one you would like to use.

There is no need to order your repeat prescriptions early, but just order as you need them.

Are part of our emergency plans, we have decided to share all our patients significant medical problems with the hospital teams, unless you have previously asked us not to do this. If you would prefer we did not do this, please do get in touch with our reception team to let them know.

(For our Portobello patients, you may also be aware that there is some significant refurbishment work ongoing at the present time. This may mean some short term disruption, including limited access to toilet facilities at times. Please bear this in mind if you are attending for an appointment.)


We thank you for your support and understanding in this very difficult time.

Portobello and Conan Doyle doctors, nurses and admin team.