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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a lifelong condition where the amount of glucose in your blood becomes too high. Normally glucose levels are controlled by the hormone, insulin, which is produced by your pancreas. Diabetes occurs if your pancreas either doesn’t produce insulin (Type 1) or the insulin it produces is insufficient or doesn’t work properly (Type 2). There are currently no known cures but the condition can be managed very successfully.


For a video of how diabetes “works”, click here.


Diabetes can cause some serious health problems and, importantly, needs to be monitored and managed under professional care on a regular basis. To do so, specialist facilities are available in both hospitals and at your Practice.


How is Diabetes managed?

For those with Type 1 diabetes, Hospital Diabetes Clinics provide most of the care and also help Type 2 patients with more complex problems. For Type 2 diabetes, care is usually provided by our Specialist Practice Nurses who hold regular Diabetic Reviews with each patient aimed at carrying out all of the necessary tests and checks and supporting the patient in “self-managing” their condition. The Practice Doctors are, of course, on hand if any further consultation is needed. A full review takes place annually with an interim reviews as thought necessary in agreement with the Practice Nurse. Additionally, patients should have an annual eye examination that tests for diabetes-related conditions.


What happens at a Diabetic Review?

At your review, the nurse will check your blood pressure, your weight and test your circulation and sensation in your feet. A blood sample will also be taken. You should bring a urine sample with you. The review takes about 20 minutes and should be booked via Reception.


The Practice Nurse will discuss your results with you and your readings are recorded in your NHS Scotland personal health record. If you choose, you can access the test readings and review your own trends at home by registering on the “My Diabetes My Way” web site by clicking here. This site also contains very useful information on diabetes, medications and lifestyle choices.


Diabetes UK - http://www.diabetes.org.uk/


Support for Diabetes