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"Pooh (faeces) isn't  something we are good at talking about but sending a sample away could save our life or the life of those we love. Bowel cancer is a major cause of death in the UK and since the Scottish bowel screening programme came in 160 deaths have been prevented in Lothian. From the age of 50 to 75 at 2 year intervals we are given the chance to send off a sample of faeces. The invitation comes with full instructions. We doctors old enough(!) to get this opportunity found that the best way to do this is to catch a pooh in toilet paper then use the provided stick to take a smear and put it on the provided card. This needs to be done 3 times over 3 days. Any of us at the surgery would be glad to explain.
Have a look at our practice information sheet and at the Bowel Screening web site. It may save your life.
 Video about bowel screening

More information can be found below 
1. Practice leaflet about Bowel                                           
2. Web link to Scottish Bowel Screening Programme

 immunisation scotland
immunisations  which are  available
1.  Herpes Zoster to prevent Shingles which is a blistering rash and can be very painful. This year this is being offered to those people aged 70 and age 79.
(The exact age cohorts are defined by the patient’s age on 1 September 2013. Those born between 2 September 1942 and 1 September 1943 should be offered the vaccine during 2013/4. There is a catch up cohort is for those born between 2 September 1933 and 1 September 1934.)
shingles leaflet

2. Rotavirus for babies
Rotavirus is an infection that causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting in babies and young children. It can lead to dehydration (loss of body fluids) requiring hospital treatment. The rotavirus immunisation protects your baby against this illness and will be provided as part of the baby immunisation schedule
rotavirus information
3. Influenza vaccine for children age 2 and 3
For age 2- born 2/9/10 -> 1/9/11 And age 3 – born 2/9/09 - > 1/9/10

influenza leaflet

Salesmen approaching patients in their homes and saying they have completed medical history questionnaires for them and ask them if they are interested in buying a mattress. The cost involved is £2100 and the company is Premier UK Healthcare in Saltcoats. Please alert your patients


Bowel Screening


Living it Up

(https://portal.livingitup.org.uk/) is an online self-management hub which aims to empower people to improve their health and well-being. Although aimed at the over 50’s, Living it Up is useful for those with long term health conditions, care givers and anyone who wants to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. By using familiar technology like computers, tablets and smart phones, users of Living it Up are able to access innovative and trusted health, care and well-being services, local information, volunteering opportunities and products which will enable everyone to feel better connected in their communities and more in control of their own health.

The service is currently active in five areas across Scotland: Forth Valley, Highland and Argyll & Bute, Lothian, Moray, and the Western Isles, and aspires to extend its reach to the whole of Scotland and beyond.




information about free training and group work for carers

Evaluation of previous events tells us that carers feel more confident and better able to cope following participation on events. We have places available on all events and are very keen to let carers know about these free events.

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Heart Failure Newsletter

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