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Registration form  for patient services repeat ordering word doc             Or PDF here

You can now email us your request by clicking on the links below. Please ensure that you give us full details of the medication that you require.

For Repeat Prescriptions please allow 5 days before collection from the surgery. Please use addresses repeat.portobello@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk  for Portobello patients and repeat.conandoyle@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk  for Conan Doyle patients. This form is not encrypted, so if you are unhappy with this please either hand in repeats requests or send by post to the surgery.  Please include the name, dose and how many times you take your medication daily on your request.

Telephone requests are NOT accepted as this may lead to mistakes being made. Please remember to state which items are required and to make the request in good time. Even with our fully computerised system, repeat prescriptions take 5 days to be processed. Prescriptions can be returned to you by post if a stamped, addressed envelope is included with your request (allow extra postal time for this service). Local chemists operate a pick-up service for prescriptions - ask your chemist for details. After one year of repeat prescriptions our computer automatically requests you to make an appointment for a review of your medication.

When Will My Prescription be ready?

Where Can I Get My Prescription Dispensed?

Obtain a Repeat Prescription

Portobello Surgery and Conan Doyle Medical Centre: the prescription counterfoil can be handed into reception, faxed or posted to us to order your repeat medication. Please tick carefully only the items you require to avoid waste of medicines not needed.

Several local chemists collection prescriptions from our surgeries, usually around 11.00 am each day. If you wish to use this service please inform the receptionist which pharmacy you wish to use. Please allow an extra day before you collect your medication from your pharmacy.

Prescriptions will be ready for collection in five working days from the date of the request if you are collecting your prescription from the health centre. Allow extra time if your prescription is being posted out to you, or is going directly to the local chemist.

CMS/Chronic Medication Services

Chronic Medication Service (CMS) is a service for people with a long-term condition, whose treatment has been completely stable for over a year. This means a condition that lasts longer than a year and needs ongoing medical care, i.e. high blood pressure or asthma.

This service helps patients, doctors and pharmacists to work more closely together by creating a personal care plan helping patients with their medicines.

Some people can get the medicines they use regularly on a serial prescription (24 or 48 weeks) that the pharmacist will hold for them and dispense at time intervals agreed with the doctor (every 4 or 8 weeks).

For more information on this service, please contact your pharmacist, GP or the NHS helpline on 0800 22 44 88 (call from landlines are free).


Click here to order repeat prescriptions




Online Patient Services

Please use form www.cdpb.co.uk/onlinereg.doc  to register for online access, to order medication.

We do not need you to bring in ID just email to Clinical mailbox .This is the new secure way or ordering repeat prescription


Due to errors in receiving requests, the form on this website has been removed. Please register for patient-services to continue to order online. Once registered use link below