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“some helpful ideas and resources to help you live with chronic pain” – or something like that

Local community resources

A web site for carers

DESMOND is the name of a program of patient education modules and related Educator training for Diabetes

The Heart Manual is a 6 week, facilitated self-help rehabilitation program for people recovering from a heart attack.

Self Management to help people with long term conditions enjoy life.

A Scottish charity supporting people with disabilities and Long Term Conditions

Living better with Self Management. Self management is about people living with long term conditions being in ‘the driving seat’.  It supports people to live their lives better, on their terms.

A respiratory nurse and patients explain how pulmonary rehabilitation and exercise can improve the symptoms of COPD

For people who are interested in volunteering

Getting help from Alzheimer Scotland
Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland exists to promote the well-being of bereaved people in Scotland

Reshaping Care for Older People
'Live Well in Later Life', Edinburgh's Joint Commissioning Plan for Older People 2012-22

Some programmes, activities and groups for parents and carers in North Edinburgh
Get Going is a free healthy lifestyle referral program for 5-11 and 12--17 year olds and their families offering support to get active, eat well and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Arthursplace.co.uk     Is a web site and social network resource providing facts  for arthritis and treatments



Take Heart    Newsletter of the Heart Failure Community in Scotland

Commit to change   If you know you need a healthier lifestyle, why not Commit to Change?


NHS inform is a new national 
health information service Providing a co-ordinated approach and a single source of quality assured health information for the public in Scotland.



NHS Choices is an informative web site giving information about comprehensive guide to illnesses

Examples of subjects include:  Cancer  Diabetes Type 2  Dementia  Back pain

Stress, Anxiety & Depression  Flu  plus many more just use the Health A-Z


www.patient.co.uk  is a well respected website giving accurate health information

Mental health resources                                Teenage mental health resources




Links to Useful Local Resources

Other Useful Web links


1. Edinburgh Choices (Edinburgh Council)           

The web site will direct you to services like Housing and Care Homes or Caring for Someone. You can also browse by topic eg Social Care and Health or browse by audience eg Older People  


To discuss your needs with someone you can ring Social Care Direct on 0131 2002324


There are many services for children including hat to do if you are concerned about a child safety or protection issue. Please contact Children and Families Social Care Direct on 0131 200 2327 or, out-of-hours, the Emergency Social Work Service on 0800 731 6969.


2. Vocal   

Many Carers are unaware of the support that is available to them and vocal can help with this. It may include caring for someone with dementia or with an addiction. For help advice and support as well as looking at the web site you can call Vocal on 0131 622 6666


3. Edspace      

This is a local web site for people experiencing mental health difficulties. Carers, family and friends of people experiencing mental health difficulties may find this useful


4. Aliss   

An important part of helping people to live with their long term health condition is support and advice about how to live well with that condition. Often there will be things you can do yourself to manage to live a full life. Your local library or community centre may have lots of information but local information may be difficult to find on the web. The Aliss engine will help you. Local services can link themselves to this directory for example searching under Portobello directs you to the rowing club and the dementia project and at Cameron Toll Carers Cafe at Prestonfield Community Centre. We have selected things from the full Aliss web site via the given link that are most likely to be of value to our patients.




Links to General Information

Eye Problems

Our eyes are important to us and if you are experiencing any sort of eye problem often an optician/optometrist will be the best person to examine your eyes and recommend the best course of treatment or referral. Local optometrists can usually offer a same day appointment for any urgent eye problems but if you are unable to get an optometrist's assessment and are concerned do see us.


The following Optometrists provide free eye examinations. An optometrist is someone who is trained to examine your eyes to look for signs of eye disease and to check your sight.


The eye examination is different to eye tests you may have had before. It is not just to test your sight – it’s a more thorough examination to check the health of your eyes, and to look for signs of other health problems. It means that any problems you have with your eyes can be found before they become more serious. Optometrists can also see you if you have an “acute” eye problems such as sticky eyes, small growths around the eye lids.


During the examination, your optometrist will do a number of different tests and procedures, depending on what your needs and symptoms are. You may be given eye drops to make it easier for your optometrist to see inside your eyes. You may also have a sight test if your optometrist thinks you need one. You won’t be charged for any part of the examination. If you need medical treatment for an eye condition you may be referred to the eye department at a Hospital. Your GP will be told about this.




PORTOBELLO OPTICS LIMITED 657 9899 172 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh EH15 1EX


SPECSAVERS  669 6121 ASDA, The Jewel  Edinburgh EH15 3SA  


BOOTS  669 4428  Fort Kinaird, Edinburgh EH15 3RH  


BOOTS  652 0806  61 London Road, Edinburgh EH7 6AA  


SPECSAVERS Cameron Toll Shopping Centre  0131 672 9210


BOOTS  Cameron Toll Shopping Centre  0131 664 2545


To see a chiropodist/podiatrist

Information and advice to patients and carers about looking after feet


Contact details for the chiropodist: There are a few clinics but the local one to both surgeries is Mountcastle H.C. 132 Mountcastle Drive South, EH15 1PZ. Tel.  0131 549 7335


To see a physiotherapist


This link offers advice about Muscle + joint problems and this telephone number will allow you to refer yourself for physiotherapy

0845 604 0001


Dental Problems

This link will tell you how to get emergency Dental Care in Lothian



Minor Ailments

http://www.nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk/Services/Emergencies/MinorAilments/Documents/minorailments_pharmac ists.pdf



Pregnancy info and who to contact

This web site gives you the details for the midwife and other useful information about pregnancy





Ear Wax

Links to Eye ,Feet ,Dental and Midwife  Information

Travelling to Pakistan, Cameroon, Syria, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Somalia and Nigeria

See here


Living it Up (https://portal.livingitu p.org.uk/) is an online self-management hub which aims to empower people to improve their health and well-being. Although aimed at the over 50’s, Living it Up is useful for those with long term health conditions, care givers and anyone who wants to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. By using familiar technology like computers, tablets and smart phones, users of Living it Up are able to access innovative and trusted health, care and well-being services, local information, volunteering opportunities and products which will enable everyone to feel better connected in their communities and more in control of their own health.

The service is currently active in five areas across Scotland: Forth Valley, Highland and Argyll & Bute, Lothian, Moray, and the Western Isles, and aspires to extend its reach to the whole of Scotland and beyond.




Worried about your child's weight? Want to help them

lead a healthy, happy, active life? Then let's Get Going!

WHEN SHOULD I WORRY? - Your guide to Coughs, Colds, Earache & Sore Throats

Bowel screening is important when you are over 50 click for more info

For eye, dental and feet problems and to see Physiotherapist or Midwife please click here